ECU Remapping for cars, vans, and light commercial vehicles

ECU Remapping for Cars and Vans in Wigton

ECU Remaps in Wigton

For the best quality Remapping the industry has to offer, look no further than P&L Haile Remapping!

We do not settle for second best, and with our attractive pricing & top quality tuners, you have definitely found the best. We have a 100% customer satisfaction record that were very proud of.

For a free quote & vehicle statistics contact, or call 016973 44425.

ECU Remap Information

All our auto tuning/remapping software comes with full warranty, our work is 100% guaranteed, and all our customers are allowed to test their vehicle after custom tuning. If you are not happy we will simply reinstate your original map at no charge.

We will never use generic maps like a lot of other companies out there. Instead we will custom tune your original map, meaning that all serial codes etc. remain the same!

What we can do:

P&L Haile provides Auto Tuning/ECU Remapping for cars, vans, and light commercial vehicles, all to customer requirements.

Whether you want more power, more torque, big fuel savings, or maybe even a mixture of all, please specify to the technician on booking.

Our Remapping Process

For optimum power, performance, and fuel economy from your vehicle, P&L Haile Remapping will:

  • Upload the stock map from your vehicle - usually from the diagnostics port
  • Make a copy of the stock map
  • Enhance fuelling, drive-by-wire throttle response, turbo, and engine load torque to name a few.
  • Upload your custom remap software onto a micro-chip within your ECU
  • Archive your original stock map & the new remap version
  • Custom adjust a variety of functions

You can then test drive your vehicle to feel the benefits.

How we do it:

P&L Haile Remapping use the latest technology in remapping & auto tuning to effectively give you optimum power, performance and fuel economy from your vehicle.

When fuel injection & Engine Control Units (ECU) replaced carburettors & governors on diesel engines, tuning vehicles became more complicated. Instead of the toolbox, computers now control all aspects of your vehicle, making it possible for us to auto tune your vehicle to perform better & give big fuel savings!

ECU Remapping will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete a full custom remap. All of our files come with a software warranty.

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